Our Shining Star Jamie G
(20.3.95 – 15.3.09)




How do we sum up a Person?
Why should we have to be summing up our Gorgeous Son’s Life?
What reason is there for taking the Life of a beautiful kind soul such as Jamie?
Questions thoughts, where are those answers?

These thoughts and thousands more like this zoom through all the minds of family and friends that knew and loved him.

Where do we go from here? Or more importantly where would Jamie have wanted us to go?

Jamie our Son, so kind, so gentle and a true Gentleman through name and nature, a keen Sportsman, from a very early age he showed that he was a natural all round Sportsman…Football, Darts, Fishing, Golf, Rugby Taekwondo to name but a few. Even more importantly he approached all these sports with the same fierce but fair Sportsmanship. He enjoyed his sport, he would be the first to hold his hand out if he won or if he lost.

I guess what I am trying to portray is that although Jamie is physically not with us, we feel his spirit and his energy is very much with us.

The Jamie ‘G’ Sport Trust has been set up by family and friends to do the following –

To carry on promoting fun in sport
To contribute the growth of Youth Sport in the Andover area.
To use Jamie’s passing as a starting point to promote, fund and encourage the Andover Young to participate, enjoy and embrace Sport.

When Jamie passed, there was a massive out pour of grief in Andover, even people who did not know him personally were shocked and shaken to the core.

The Service at St. Marys (The Celebration of Jamie’s Life) was attended by almost 800 people, all ages, all walks of life. The only time this effect had been seen was the loss of Lady Diana, and the 9.11 tragedy. Subsequently Andover as a community really pulled together.

We as a family sometimes think ‘ Yes this is wonderful, but why did our son have to die to see this happen?’

We cannot turn the clock back, it is what it is.. however we CAN make something positive come out of this.
What we want to achieve is a ‘Lasting Legacy’ of the enjoyment participation and promotion of Youth Sport in Andover.

The Jamie ‘G’ Sporting Trust is a combination of family and friends who were all devasted by our ‘ Shining Star’ passing, a Committee made up of parents, brothers, sisters professionals, sportsmen/women all with one driving ambition TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN ANDOVER.

A positive contribution to the prospects of the Andover Young Enjoying their Sport!

Grieving? Of course, as a Family we are, as Friends we Miss him dearly.

So where do we go from here? Sink or Swim – WE SWIM.

We keep positive and keep Jamie’s name alive, in a good and uplifting way. There is no better vision than the beaming ‘smile’ on the face of a youngster enjoying there given Sport. Long may it continue.

Thank you Jamie G! We love and miss you. Proud Parents Ivan, Jacqui and special brother Tommy.

Love also from the Family and Friends – The Jamie ‘G’ Sporting Trust.