What does The Jamie G Sporting Trust do?

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Organised sport is a wonderful activity for young people to participate in. It teaches self discipline, cooperation and team spirit and engenders sportsmanship. It provides a healthy outlet for youthful exuberance and energy in a safe, controlled and productive environment, and instils a healthy exposure to the competitive spirit of sport which can also provide valuable lessons for modern-day living.

The health-giving benefits of sport are obvious and sport is a contributor to physical fitness and the avoidance of obesity. The benefits of sport can be life-long and the relationships formed can be deep and lasting.

Youth sport has suffered in recent years as a result of expenditure constraints and there is growing reliance on the private sector and, in particular, on the excellent contribution made by well-intentioned individuals and small groups who organise sporting activities and run clubs, often with very limited resources and facilities. These clubs give fantastic value for money and make a major contribution to activities for young people with the associated benefits of enhanced community spirit and reduced anti-social behaviour.

These clubs are usually extremely resource-constrained and it has been the intention of the Jamie G Sporting Trust to step into the gap and provide financial assistance.  The Trust has provided a controlled distribution of funds to sports clubs for the young in the Andover area over the last 7 years. Approximately £70,000! This financial support has provided assistance in the training of talented individuals, by the provision of equipment and facilities direct to the clubs or support for coach training to further enhance the quality of training the clubs can provide.

A magnificent financial support to many Sporting Clubs within the SP10 area, and to date (June 2016) we have committed to a larger exciting Project attached to Anton School, updates on this to follow.


The Committee of The Jamie G Sporting Trust

The Jamie G Sporting Trust


Chairman – Paul Gregory

Paul is an engineer and local businessman. “ I am honoured to be asked to be the first chairman of the Trust and am excited to know it will bring major benefits to the sporting young of the Andover area.”

Trustees and Committee Members

Ivan Gentleman
“Fate led me to this position as a Trustee being Jamie’s father. I am also a Dad, Son, Brother and Husband who is honoured and excited to represent The Jamie G Sporting Trust today and in the future.”

Steve Whitlock
Steve is a Director of an Architecture company and is a long time friend of the Gentleman family.
He was born and bred in Andover and has represented the town in a number of sports over the years. “Jamie was my Godson and it means so much to working with the Trust in his memory “

Tina Guyatt
“As a long-standing family friend, I feel very proud being part of the Trust in my role as Treasurer.  The Trust has an exciting journey ahead, working with and benefiting the community of Andover.”

Other Committee Members

Jacqui Gentleman
“ A very proud Mother to both Tommy and Jamie who is truly grateful to the committee which makes this Trust move forward, offering an exciting future to the sporting young of Andover”.

Tommy Gentleman
“Through the essence and memory of my younger Brother Jamie, I want to share my passion for sport with the young of Andover

Steve Murphy
Steve is a local builder and chairman of the Wolversdene Social Club and Youth Football Club and has been involved in men’s and youth football for 25 years.

Liz Humphries
“I am privileged to be asked to help to organise fundraising events for this amazing Trust”.

Nicky Bates

“Having known Jacqui and the family for a number of years. I look forward to using my creative energy for the Trust.”

Samantha Rogers – Secretary

“As a friend of the entire Gentleman family, a local business owner and mother of 3 sporting children, I am honoured to be included in a truly worthy cause to benefit our local young sporting community.”

Always remembering our trustee, Sue Sheppard with love x