Trust Members

Chairman – Tommy Gentleman
“Through the essence and memory of my younger Brother Jamie, I want to share my passion for sport with the young of Andover.”

Trustees and Committee Members

Ivan Gentleman
“Fate led me to this position as a Trustee being Jamie’s father. I am also a Dad, Son, Brother and Husband who is honoured and excited to represent The Jamie G Sporting Trust today and in the future.”

Vera Morgan
“I feel privileged to join the Jamie G Trust as a treasurer, knowing that I will be involved in an organisation that really care about local sporting clubs and young individuals. My friendship with Jacqui started through keep fit activities but it has grown stronger to more like a family, surrounding us with possibilities, caring and understanding.”

Samantha Rogers
“As a friend of the entire Gentleman family, a local business owner and mother of 3 sporting children, I am honoured to be the Trust Secretary and included in a truly worthy cause to benefit our local young sporting community.”

Other Committee Members

Jacqui Gentleman
“A very proud Mother to both Tommy and Jamie who is truly grateful to the committee which makes this Trust move forward, offering an exciting future to the sporting young of Andover”.

Nicky Bates
“Having known Jacqui and the family for a number of years. I look forward to using my creative energy for the Trust.”

Adam Knight
“I have been delighted to be part of the JGT for the last few years in supporting with their website and previous events. I’m even more delighted to now be part of the committee and help towards our goal of increasing physical activity and sporting participation for the young of this area.”

Vikki Cosgrove
“I’ve known the Gentleman’s all my life. I can’t wait to help them to fundraise.”

Conor Green
“I met Tommy through rugby and got. tomeet the rest of the family through him. However, the Trust helped me in my sporting youth so joining the Trust was a no brainer.”

Louise Broe
“Having supported the Trust from the very beginning, I am now honoured to be a committee member. It feels fantastic to be able to support local clubs and yound individuals who aspire to progress in sport.”

Always remembering our trustee, Sue Sheppard with love x